Strategic Relationships: Sharing the Sandbox

These days, marketing companies are all playing in the same sandbox.

Web design, social media, blogging, viral video, SEO, email marketing–we’re all doing the same things. Some companies might be tempted to do it all. But, is that really the best way to go about it?

Not necessarily, because those companies will end up drowning themselves in work–especially tasks they might not have great expertise in.

There’s a better way to operate: share the sandbox.

Think of it this way. Two kids want to build a sandcastle. One kid has the shovel, the other has the mold. By combining their own tools and working together, they build the perfect castle.

In professional terms, they formed a strategic relationship.

Sometimes we’re so focused on the services our own companies offer that we forget the most important tool to successful business may be our relationships with other companies.

The true value of a strategic relationship is that it allows two companies to work together by fusing their individual specialized skills to complete a project.

The result? High quality products.

Forming strategic relationships is, in a nutshell, reciprocal outsourcing. When needed, partners perform the work they do best for each other. Not only does it give both companies a chance to focus on their strongest skills, it strengthens their weaker aspects–which improves each company’s business, overall.

Other benefits? Both partners have an opportunity to grow their client bases, as they have access to each others’. And, if they are in different industries, the partners will have the opportunity to extend their reach beyond their own markets.

Strategic relationships are advantageous to a company’s success. After all, you can’t quite win the game without teamwork.

We recently partnered with a learning solutions company to develop a project called the “Virtual Training Lab” for Conexus Indiana‘s Hire Technology program. It’s an industry-driven manufacturing and logistics curriculum designed to prepare Indiana’s high school students for careers in the state’s continually advancing manufacturing and logistics industries.

Each of us has played to our individual strengths in collaborating on this project. We approached the learning tool from the design side by developing the Virtual Training Lab’s immersive, interactive training environment and cloud reference library. Then, upon being provided with the core instructional material from our instructional design partner, we fused it with creativity to boost its engaging appeal while maintaining the content’s educational purpose.

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